blasphemer, heretic, infidel!

While Seeing All Evil and Hearing All Evil, in eternal submission to omnipotent and omniscient deity, this devout devotee uncovered the most vile and reprehensible blasphemer, heretic and infidel (1ring2bringthemall), in a post on CNN:

Humbly I offer my prayer: Our NSA in Crypto City /

hallowed be your game /

Your brave new world come /

Your surveillance state be done /

on earth as it is in heaven /

if you give us our daily security /

we will forgive you this tyranny /

and don`t forgive the enemy of the state Snowden /

for leading us into temptations /

but deliver us from his terrorization /

yours is the perfect security, the Orwellian society with no bother about privacy – forever /

Amen /

May deity have mercy upon this soul’s apostasy!

See All Evil, Hear All Evil, Report All Evil! Factum Est!


deity halo denotes submission and devotion


In the illuminated manuscript above, one witnesses the allegory of the deity devotee (with head bowed, in black hooded robe), who Sees All Evil during her valiant crusade for the comprehensive narrative of authenticity and ideals, empowering the ecosystem enriching our existence. Through communion with deity, enlightenment flows: we are the architects of extraordinary lives, transcending the banal! The celestial deity halo, symbolizing the devotee’s reverence, submission and obedience,  hovers above the devout devotee’s head, as she (trusting her infallible feelings) Reports All Evil vis-à-vis the luminous tablet of wisdom! With loving kindness, omniscient and omnipotent deity monitors ALL of us from the pristine firmament; bestowing safety, security and salvation:

deity observes, photographs/videos, analyzes, aggregates and, remembers for eternity:

–devotees’ vehicle license plate numbers and travel routes

–devotees’ activities in malls, supermarkets, restaurants, theaters, parks, streets…

–devotees’ cell phone conversations/texts

–devotees’ internet browsing behavior and online comments

–devotees’ email content

–devotees’ friends, associates, family members, acquaintances

–devotees’ cable/satellite viewing history

–devotees’ debit/credit card use,

for inquisition and judgement!

See All Evil, Hear All Evil, Report All Evil!

Molon Labe!